Daily Inspiration 10-25-14

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“He who trims himself to suit everyone 
will soon whittle himself away.” 

— Raymond Hull 

I was talking with an old friend today who shared some of the mentors that I was reading and listening to in the mid-80s like Anthony Robbins and others. In addition, after I was not in this persons life anymore, she was following the edicts and advice of some friends who were also studying self-help and some organized help services to help become a better person.

What was interesting in this conversation today was that she said that at some point she just decided that she was not in need of being fixed and that there wasn’t anything wrong with her and so she just let all that stuff go.

Now, of course, there are things that we all need to continue to learn to expand as beings on this planet, but chasing the latest self-help guru is not for everyone. Some will obviously benefit from that, but others, like my friend, have heard enough and decided to pursue their life ambitions and life experiences rather than try to be someone who they are not.

I applaud that decision and that she was consciously choosing to accept herself the way she was as being already whole and not in need of change at that time. This may also change, but I could tell that she felt so good about her choice back then.

Accepting Ourselves The Way We Are Is Always Our Own Choice. . . So Is Changing. We Are In Control. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by taking what resonates with you and leaving the rest for someone else. There is no joy in resistance.

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