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“My own dreams fortunately came true in this great state.
I became Mr Universe; I became a successful businessman.
And even though some people say I still speak with a slight
accent, I have reached the top of the acting profession.”
— Arnold Schwarzenegger
Not to mention, two-term Governor of the State of California. . . or is that govenator? Ah. . . but he’s fallen from grace, hasn’t he? Along with Clinton, Ashton, Tiger and oh so many more. Then there’s more drama with the never ending Brad & Angelina & Jen triangle, the latest Demi and Ashton heartaches. Is it true what they’re saying about. . .?
It’s almost impossible to miss the headlines at the check out counter, on thousands of Internet sites and more. It’s the latest what’s wrong? Why is it wrong? Who did the wrong? Who else thinks it’s wrong? The outrage and disappointment.
I remember realizing many years ago that whenever a manager leaves an employer, they can never do right again. It just seems like human nature to feed on the dead and wounded. Or is that vultures that do that? I can’t remember. Hell, they could have been superstars, but once they leave, they’re losers.
There’s two ways to have the tallest building and not very many people seem interested in construction when you see the headlines, hear the squawking and gossip, feel the hot emotion.
Or, at least that’s what it seems like. . .
Truth is, there are plenty more folks than we might think who are very much interested in construction rather than destruction, what’s right instead of what’s wrong, excited and enthusiastic about the future instead of disappointed and dismayed and holding on to the past.
It all comes down to that word that began in the Garden of Eden: judgement. Or was it Judgement? In either case, it is something that we all have the power to use and we all have the option to use it in any way that we choose.
That other thing I learned in that book woke me up to the reality that the log in my own eye was larger than the specs I would see in others. Yet I grew up with that judgemental influence all around me and it is still with me in others today, so I could go back and join the crowd, or. . . I can practice looking in the mirror.
I Choose Practice!
Spread Some Joy Today–Today is what’s right day. Anything and everything you look at today, or experience, ask what’s right about this? It’ll change your life!
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