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“I’ve always thought
you have to live life
looking forward, not backward. 
I’ve had no interest at all 
in who my ancestors are.” 
— Jeremy Paxman 

[Classic post from 9-20-14]

I was talking on the phone with a dear old friend the other day. The call was lengthy and full of laughter and joy and love. My love for this guy is so deep and pure and unconditional and having very different religious views hasn’t the slightest effect to change this love, nor the large time spaces between communications. He has always been perfect and full of life and love to me.

As we were talking, I said to him that I feel as if I have lived twice already and am beginning my third life in this same body. It’s interesting, but that is what I feel like. Each life has been a huge learning and growing experience with all the ups and downs and in and outs that might fill one full life. There were lots of experimentation, risk-taking, successes and so-called failures. There were joy and sorrow and plenty of frustration to lubricate the wheel of new desire.

The reason I say they were different lives is that they were full enough to be a full life, and the benefit as I see it now is that I began again from a different perspective, from a different level of being.

The best part is how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to experience them. I truly am blessed to have received these lives. As I look at my present now and how this third life feels, I feel so much joy, wonder, appreciation for this new starting point and for the extreme joy that is before me. How fascinating it feels to look at things this way in what has gone before and what is now with views of an even greater becoming.

One thing I know for sure in this newest life is that it will be largely focused on living in the unconditional love of all others and myself as I practice its fullness.

Rejoice! Endings Always Lead To New Beginnings. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by releasing the need to be right. That alone will do it.

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