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“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity:
it must be produced and discharged and used up
in order to exist at all.”
— William Faulkner
There’s no such thing as stored up gratitude. It exists in the moment it is thought and extends as long as the thought and at the same time is used up. It is felt and has a wide variety of feelings depending on the strength of the gratitude, or rather the profoundness of it to us.
I’m looking out my window as I write this with a wonderful feeling of gratitude and it isn’t anything in particular, or rather a whole bunch of things in particular. I see the trees, the overcast sky threatening sprinkles, a bird flew past at about 150 feet high in the air and I noticed how fast the bird was flying. Then I’m thinking about a number of other things that please me when I think of them. Of course, if they weren’t pleasing, it wouldn’t be gratitude, would it? Or is it that if it weren’t gratitude, it wouldn’t be pleasing? Maybe both.
There is nothing so moment changing, state changing, even life changing as gratitude, and it is free and simple for everyone on the planet equally. It is not tied to circumstance, other people, the right situations, geography, income level, or any other realm of possibility. It is 100% dependent on thought–our own thought. It is the choice of thought and how you feel about that thought that creates the gratitude.
Ever know anyone who seems to never be grateful for anything, is always unhappy, things are always going against them, etc.? Is it possible for them to become grateful? There is no question about it, the answer is absolutely! There is only one requirement: change the thought to something that pleases them, rather than something that doesn’t please them. In other words, let go of reality, and create a new reality.
This is not something we can tell anyone who does not want to know. Those that want to know will think about it and do it. Those that don’t will call me a fool. So be it.
Whatever. . . Is As Good A Reason As I Need To Feel The Wonderful and Delightful Feeling Of Gratitude!
Spread Some Joy Today–Go up to two or three people today and tell them something that you appreciate about them. Express your gratitude openly!
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