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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, 
but no one thinks of changing himself.” 
— Leo Tolstoy 

[Classic post from 9-12-14]

As I was reflecting just a bit about yesterdays Daily Inspiration on the subject of mentoring and how it is up to the one wanting to be mentored to reach out, otherwise nothing will come of it. It is up to us to ask, and as the Bible said so succinctly, “Ask, and Ye Shall Receive, Seek and Ye Shall Find.”

I’ve been studying personal empowerment, spiritual awakening, and learning to love myself and others and choose my own path for some years now. The good news for me is that I have almost no drama anymore in my life. After much trial, I have learned as Eckhart Tolle said, “Whatever you fight, you strengthen, and what you resist, persists.” So, I’ve learned to put the oars in the boat and go with the current rather than row upstream.

It is no small thing in my life to learn these things and put them to work, or rather, play, in my life. It is something I am so joyful about and would love to share the whole path of mine with everyone, but I also have learned through much trial that people will only listen when their ears are ready, and they will only reach out when they are ready for a change and eager to learn.

Sometimes, I might talk with someone who is hurting and I know that the knowledge that I have come to could benefit them greatly, and yet I don’t offer or encourage anymore other than what kinds of things I might share here. The Law of Attraction is real and it is constantly working and as I said yesterday when the student is ready, he or she will attract the teacher and the information. It is always available. Just as it was for me when I was seriously ready in 2007.

So, sometimes we want to help others because we know that it has helped us, but telling them before they are ready is just a bunch of white noise to them. Besides, here’s the other thing that is equally important–there are many paths and they can all be good. The is no way, but many ways. It is much more a factor of does it resonate with them, then that is for them. If it resonates with me, that is for me. When something resonates it is the most powerful influence on any of us. It is the inspiration in vibration.

Pushing against unwanted things is of no value and only serves to strengthen them, and make them more prevalent in our lives. It is rowing upstream. It is the tug-o-war contest. Only by releasing the rope, and thereby releasing the resistance can anything positive come of it. At the same time, it is only the releasing of our own resistance that we can become open to hearing about change that can bring us new life. When we try to push that enthusiasm on others when they aren’t ready, it is the same thing as picking the rope up again.

“We Change The World Not By What We Say Or Do, But As A Consequence Of What We Have Become.” — David R Hawkins 

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s so hard to get anything good done with that rope in your hand. Just lay it down and feel the joy well up in you already. Turn and walk outside and raise your arms up high. Shout “Thank You!”

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