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“Discipline is the bridge between
goals and accomplishment.”
“We could all use a little coaching.
When you’re playing the game,
it’s hard to think of everything.”
— Jim Rohn
Three on our team went to a author/writing seminar put on by two people, A J Greer, an author, and the other author which is also a client of ours, Wendy VanHatten of VanHatten Writing Services. This was part two of a two part class and I’ve learned much from it, as has others on our team.
One thing that came up today gave me the inspiration for today’s daily inspiration, and that was finding time to write. We are all so busy with our lives and since we aren’t full time, highly paid writers, we need to fit writing that book, novel or whatever into that busy life somewhere.
Just over a year ago, I made a decision to finally actually write this book called Commercial Truck Success that I’ve been wanting to write for several years. To help me along, I hired Wendy to help me get that job done. We got going pretty good for several weeks and then I began getting busier and prioritizing in such a way that the book didn’t make the cut.
In the last 60 days or so, we have made so much progress to the point that the book is almost done. We are just doing the final editing and rewrites with a goal of that process being done by the end of the month. I feel very good about the product and expect to have it published next month.
Here are some things that I’ve learned from this project:
• My first book was written in 1990 and I did it all myself and would never do it that way again. It is so great to have an editor and people to help remind me to stay on track, help me to be better and so on. We all could use a little coaching. I like having a team. Yes, it costs money, but it is so worth it–every penny.
• Allow time for mistakes. I had this idea of talking the book and having Wendy write it. It wasn’t being lazy, but somehow I thought that would be more conversational or more interesting. We found out that it was a tough project that way, and I found out that I talk so differently than I write, liking the writing better.
• Set a deadline. I never had a deadline until about 30 days ago or so. I should have remembered C Northcote Parkinson’s famous quote: “Work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.”
• It gets better and better by rereading and rewriting. Allow time for that process between you and the editor.
• Don’t share it with others until it is in the final edit arena. I sent out some copies for feedback a little prematurely in that since they were sent, I have rewritten at least half of the book.
• Practice is a key ingredient in becoming a better writer. I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a teenager; however, I never spend much time practicing toward that end, and especially not with any kind of consistency. It wasn’t until I read about some famous authors and how much writing they did every day that I got a better perspective. It’s easy to think that it comes without much effort, but it is generally a fallacy.
• Write a lot. One of my personal motivations to writing this Daily Inspirations is to practice writing and thinking. It’s easier to get better with practice.
• Pay the money, get the help. It is so worth it that it is silly looking back thinking about the expense. It’s not an expense, it is an investment in yourself.
• Share what you know. One of the things that came up in class today was making money by selling your book or writing. That’s cool, but what I think is far more important is the sharing of your expertise, knowledge, perspective, and experiences. We all have something to share with one another and since I am an avid reader, I so love that those people took the time and energy to put themselves out there for me to enjoy and learn from. I hope they got rich in the process, for I know that I did.
So, if you’re thinking of doing a book, hire Wendy or someone like her. Put your team together. You can be sure that John Grisham has a team, and James Patterson has a team, and Jim Rohn had a team. And, though they had a good team, it was their willingness and desire to put themselves into writing that makes it all worthwhile.
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