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“A day of worry is more exhausting than a day of work.”
— John Lubbock
“It only seems as if you are doing something when you’re worrying.”
— Lucy Maud
I was thinking about worrying, although not very hard, and these quotes told the main story. I used to worry a lot. I was fooled into thinking that this was an effective activity, or that by worrying I might be able to change the situation I’m concerned about, or even that I am actively dealing with the problem–hitting it “head on” as they say, not ignoring reality, but dealing with it–you know, being brave and courageous!
Now I look back on all that time spent worrying and I cannot see where it ever did anything except cause me to be more worried, fearful, frustrated, and even worse, depressed. I could very easily worry myself to death I think. Sometimes I would even worry with the support and encouragement of alcohol. I was taught that at an early age from all that television stuff, and of course, you know that bartenders are everyone’s friend when it comes to hearing your problems retold, right? Well, I think we all know that isn’t true, but an interesting fantasy.
It has become truth to me that worrying begets worry, which begets frustration, which begets despair, which begets powerlessness, which begets depression. It is a road to nowhere. It solves nothing, yet it helps create more of a problem than the problem ever did. I love the quote from yesterday’s daily inspiration by George Bernard Shaw: “People become attached to their burdens sometimes more than the burdens are attached to them.” Boy, that is a fact! And that is worry, isn’t it? You know it’s true!
In addition to that, a day of worry is absolutely exhausting! It wears me out until finally I can escape it exhausted into sleep, where I play those scenarios over and over again.
So what to do? I can’t avoid worry, run away from it, will it out of my life. Any attention to it, brings it to me again. There is only one solution that works. I know it works because I really worry so little now, you might say I have no worries at all. That way, is so simple, and may seem hard at first, but will get easier with time: focus on what you want. There it is. So simple! Because worrying is focusing on what you don’t want, isn’t it. That is worry’s MO It’s not only what is wrong, it is what COULD BE wrong, and we all know there could be a lot of ways it could go wrong. BUT–the same is true the other way. There are lots of ways it can be good and right and valuable.
Joy is focusing on what you want and how wonderful it will all be. That changes everything.
Good Question: On A Scale Of Joy To Depression, Where Do You Want To Be?
Spread Some Joy Today–Okay, it takes some practice, but that part is really fun. Start today. Think of one or two things you have been worried about. Realize that this is what you don’t want. Now, reverse that and think about what you do want instead. Now focus on it exclusively. Joy will be yours in minutes! Worry will vanish from your life. Each time you find yourself worrying about anything, repeat this procedure. You will never, ever, need to worry again.
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