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“Confidence sells.
People believe in
believe in themselves.
No one wants to be stuck in
a room
with other people who feel
they don’t deserve to be
Stop wondering if you’re
good enough.
Know you are, and start
acting like it

— Simon

We’ve all probably heard that phrase that we should, ‘fake it until we make
it.’ The idea is to pretend you know until you do know, but often I’ve seen
people get just good enough at faking it that that don’t want to bother
following through on the work of actually knowing. They develop a swagger which
to some may appear they are confident, but it is a shallow cover. Knowing is the
source of confidence.

There is certainly some value in getting out there and doing and being
willing to make mistakes in order to learn to grow. I’m all for that, and it can
eventually build confidence to the level that you believe in yourself and what
you are doing. It certainly may take some time, but if you’re willing to go
through the motions and study your craft or expertise, I think you will find it
worthy of all your effort.

There is nothing quite like having confidence in what you know. My
experience as a sales manager for many years tells me that confidence is the
single most important attribute I want in a good salesperson. It doesn’t come
with years, but with study and practice. It is more rare than it should be and
the only reason is that the majority that I have seen are not willing to do the
study and invest in themselves. Yet those that do stand apart. They are the ones
you notice right away and that you want to deal with because you can feel their
confidence and see their skill.

Getting confidence is simple, but not easy. Study your craft or expertise,
and get out there and practice. In my opinion, you have to be willing to
fail–even eager to fail in order to learn. It’s much like learning to ride a
bicycle. Reading about it only helps some, then you’ve got to go do it. I
recommend learning all you can learn. Buy the books and tapes and go to
seminars, or classes. Then, go fail some more.

I’ll bet you find that it takes less time than you think if you apply
yourself fully to the task. Then one day soon you will feel that confidence
building inside you. You will also discover that there are many levels of
confidence, but once inside sweet delight of confidence, you’ll enjoy that next
layered journey with a fresh

Confidence Sells. Sell Yourself First. Believe In

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