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“People become attached to their burdens sometimes
more than the burdens are attached to them.”
— George Bernard Shaw
Enlightenment is an interesting thing. It is joy and it is change and some of that change takes a bit of time to overcome; or rather, to allow one time to let go off what holds them back from manifesting what they want.
I have become enlightened in the past few years and I study in width and depth to learn more and for it to become me, and I have made wonderful and great progress. At the same time, I have been attached to these burdens and I realized that I was more attached to them, than they are to me. Let me try to explain.
Let’s say that I have an issue about something. I find myself thinking about the problem or the burden, then I think about the fact that I would like it to be changed, but I don’t really know how to change it and I don’t really know where to start and I have so many things on my plate now, and I feel frustrated that it isn’t changing. But the reality is that how in the world can it change when I continue to attract the problem by focusing on the problem.
Sometimes, I just have to hit myself in the head and say, “duh! You’re focusing on the problem again! That was the old way and it didn’t work, now there is a better way, so let’s get to it!” This is called a realization. As much as I study this stuff, you would think I would be past this by now, but you know that these old habits sometimes don’t want to go away so quickly.
Now, it is a truly amazing thing, but when I realize that I have been focusing on the problem and turn away from the problem and focus on what I want instead, magic starts happening almost immediately. It never fails. Things or ideas or other people offering things comes within minutes or a few hours. It blows me away. But the whole key is letting go of the problem.
Once I focus on what I want, or how I want this thing to be, I quickly write out a little affirmation about it and focus there. Though my mind keeps wanting to pull me back to give the problem attention (it misses me. . .), I have now turned the corner and am not looking back! As long as I continue to focus on what I want or how I want it to be, it comes as good or better than I decided I wanted.
Try it yourself if you are the least bit skeptical. Let go of the problem, write out what you want instead of what is wrong, and focus your attention and thoughts to it exclusively. You’ll be amazed.
I Am So Much More Powerful In Releasing My Problems and Focusing On What I Want Instead.
Spread Some Joy Today–Take one or two things that have been really bugging you or frustrating you. Bless the problem and let go of it. Now focus on what you want. Do not be the least bit concerned about how it comes to you or how it could come to you or any kind of how. Concentrate your thoughts on what you want and completely ignore the problem. Your solutions will begin appearing shortly.
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