Daily Inspiration 10-20-18

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“Don’t be too timid and squeamish about your actions. 
All life is an experiment. 
The more experiments you make the better.” 
— Ralph Waldo Emerson 

[Classic post from 9-9-14]

Sometimes there is a tendency to tarry long in hopes of making the right decision when, in fact, any decision might get you there.

I’ll bet you can think back on decisions you’ve made that could have turned out poorly and yet they turned out to be excellent choices. It may not have been the most direct way to the target, but it arrived in excellent fashion regardless.

I’ll also bet that you can think back on decisions you’ve made where you were sure you wanted a certain objective to be attained and found instead that the decision you made caused a series of events and circumstances to lead you to something you had not considered, and perhaps didn’t even think was possible, and was more spot on what you wanted at the same time.

The best thing about decisions is the action they create. It is the movement. Some might say that deciding not to decide is a decision, and I call that procrastination, which is a lack of decision. Though I have at times been an expert in procrastination, I do know the thrill and sheer power of a decision. Even if it may appear to be the so-called wrong decision, I’ve made enough of them to know that I’m in good company in simply making one.

Right Or Wrong Doesn’t Matter. Movement Or Not Does. Movement IS Life. 

Spread Some Joy Today–when you realize your mind is on a tangent of a complaint and observing what you do not want or like, that is good. Now step by step, move toward joy. The easiest way is to begin to appreciate something, anything. Then another and another. If you cannot find anything, ask yourself, ‘If I could appreciate something, what might it be right now?’

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