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“To me, sales is a combination 
of caring, sharing, and pairing.” 
— Terry Minion 

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Sales is caring. When we care about the person we are talking to within a sales situation, this is the beginning of a potentially beneficial relationship. Wanting a beneficial outcome for the buyer and the seller is the best place to begin.

Sales is sharing. If we don’t have significant features and benefits to share, all that is left to discuss would be price and other similar issues.

Sales is pairing. We are guiding the buyer to the best product or service to suit their particular needs and desires.

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of commercial truck videos with clients and doing classroom training, and walk-around presentation training. It is interesting to me how few know their product well enough to do a convincing job of sharing. If you haven’t got much to say at this level, price will probably be the next topic. If price is the main topic, the outcome is fully in jeopardy.

Whatever we are selling, and assuming that we want to do well, it would be a far larger benefit than is commonly understood to learn everything that we possibly can about our product or service.

We would never impart all of that knowledge on one prospect. We don’t need that much information to close a sale. We only need 4-6 things, points, features and benefits generally, and occasionally a little more or less. However, we do need all the tools we can have so that we may choose the best ones for this particular job. Not having the tools in our toolbox is severely limiting.

It is always the best strategy to know what you are talking about.

If we do a good job of sharing, the pairing comes smoothly and naturally, and because we began with caring, the entire journey is one of mutual benefit.

And, because selling is interaction with another person or group of people, these aspects of sales that I refer to do not just apply to sales as a job description, because it applies to all of our interactions. 

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