Daily Inspiration 10-2-15

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“The rich get richer 
and the poor get poorer.” 
— Common phrase spoken often 
by my Step-Father 

Sometimes a thing is so well said, there just isn’t any point in trying to say it differently. From TUT, A Note from the Universe by the famous Mike Dooley, whom I have subscribed to for so many years, comes a paragraph that inspires, enlightens, and provides understanding about that all to the common quote above:

“No matter what else you might feel or think, it’s working, flawlessly, magically, and without exception. Your thoughts, beliefs, and expectations are the sole cause of the effects of your life. And while this may give you pause and have you wondering why you’ve not yet met with some of the successes you’ve sought, let it also empower you as you remember that the floodgates must fly open and the Kingdom must be revealed at the precise moment you release whatever else you might have felt or thought about it not working.” 

Sing With Me: Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be, Let It Be. Speaking Words Of Wisdom, Let It Be. . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–as you are fully enjoying yourself and your surroundings. Isn’t it interesting how your surroundings change when you’re feeling so good?

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