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“What we see 
depends mainly 
on what we look for.” 
— John Lubbock 

[Classic post from 9-6-14]

Since my wife, Nancy died a year ago, I’ve gone through hundreds, maybe even into the thousands of photographs, most of which I had never seen. I pulled out probably around a hundred that spoke to me and I have them on display to appreciate what they say to me.

There is one that I call perspectives that I will share today.

This photo was taken by Nancy about 20 years ago, and it may be even slightly older than that. Most of the backyard was a 36′ long swimming pool plus a deck on three sides.

When I look at this I have my own perspectives, but I wonder what hers were. I can only speculate knowing Nancy, but I wonder what she was looking at.

Was she seeing the electric pole and the wires that appear to be foreign to the rest of that environment? Was she looking at the bushes and trees? Maybe it was the table and chairs with the umbrella, maybe wishing they were different than they are. Or, maybe it was the tile which never quite sparkled? Maybe she was critical of her legs, or feet, or the lounge chair she was reclining on?

I know what I hoped would be her perspective. I’ll speak it in the first person as if I were Nancy.

I have great legs. They are shapely and long and perfect. I love my feet and red is such a great color next to my skin color. It is so wonderful to lay here in the sun, basking in the warmth on this truly beautiful day. I love watching the water shimmer as the sunlight plays with it, and I love the blue color as it reflects the color of the sky. What an awesome place this is just outside the back door where I can kick back, catch some rays, unwind, relax, and truly let go and simply enjoy myself. I feel like I’m on vacation and so I am at this moment. I have such gratitude for all of this that surrounds me and I feel so full of joy right now. It is a magnificent day!

Now, I know what I see when I look at this photo. I see those gorgeous legs, the red nail polish, and I want to be laying there next to her holding her other hand than the one taking the photo.

What do you see? What is your perspective?

“The Bluebird Carries The Sky On His Back.” — Henry David Thoreau 

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