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“The way to work with resistance 
is by relaxing.” 

— Michael A. Singer 

This morning I’m taking part of one page in easily one of the most powerful books I have ever read, The Untethered Soul, by Michael A. Singer. If you haven’t read it, I absolutely recommend it. I’ve sent it to my entire team and many other friends to share the love just a bit. And, this post is meaningful to me because I have figured out what Michael is saying here, although we use different words in some of it. It is about resistance and what it does within us and how to deal with it. In essence the quote above says how: by relaxing.

I’ve called it letting go of the rope. I’m a very visual thinker I guess, and when I can ‘see’ a thought, it helps me understand it better. When we are holding that rope as if we are in a tug-o-war game with another opponent or multiple opponents, or it is also true that our opponents need not be people, but can easily be thoughts, beliefs, ideas, scenarios, and more. As we hold that rope, there is a great deal of resistance within our body and our mind too.

We’re tense, our muscles are taut, we are struggling for our space, where we want to be, to hold on to our point of view, or any number of reasons that we are holding that rope. We are resisting the pull of our opponent(s) and often those opponents are within our own thoughts.

I usually say to drop the rope, let go, lay it down, turn toward peace. This is exactly what Michael refers to using the word relax. We simply and exquisitely relax. As we relax, all that chatter becomes white noise, and as we return to our inner peace, even the white noise disappears.

Michael says, “This process of relaxing through resistance is beneficial to everything in your life.” I agree. By making the choice to relax, let go of the rope, turn toward my inner peace, this act has dramatically improved my life. Major.

He adds, “Deep inner release is a spiritual path in and of itself. It is the path of nonresistance, the path of acceptance, the path of surrender.” Another word I use often that I learned from Abraham, Esther Hicks is to allow. They call it the Art of Allowing. Learning to allow everyone and everything around you to be what it is without my needing to attempt to direct or control it.

Michael adds, “The key is to just relax and release, and deal only with what’s left in front of you.” In other words, ignore, or rather, release allowing the noise around you to control because it is way too much. Overload. Bring it to a simplicity by giving your attention to only what is right in front of you–here and now.

Here’s the best part. He says, “You will feel much more love than you’ve ever felt before. You will feel more peace and contentment, and eventually nothing will ever disturb you again.” I wholeheartedly agree. As I have practiced letting go, I have experienced love as never before, and it is the unconditional love that blows me away. And, peace? Oh my goodness, yes. Love and peace together is I think, that contentment he mentions.

I no longer have the silly responsibility of changing the world, or even really changing me. I simply let go of the rope, let go of my own resistance, tenseness, and my jumbled confused thoughts. I just let go of me. Once I’ve let go, I can feel the love welling up within me for all that I was previously resisting.

As he said, “eventually nothing will ever disturb you again.” I’m not quite there yet, but I am so much closer to that. I can say now that there is very little that disturbs me, and once I realize that I am acting disturbed, I consciously lay the rope down and come back to love and peace.

Try it for yourself. Next time you feel tense inside, muscles taut, thoughts swirling during your day, stop! Let go of the rope. Relax. Breathe. Spend a few seconds in peace and feel the love well up within you. It doesn’t take long, a few seconds will do fine. Then return to your day, your tasks, your meeting, or whatever you were doing. I predict you will see a dramatic difference, but what is better, is that you will feel different. Viva la difference!

Is That Worthy Of Practice? It Is For Me! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by releasing your resistance to all the blocks you’ve installed to your own joy. Really, that’s all it takes. It is effortless.

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