Daily Inspiration 10-19-13

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“Pick the day.

Enjoy it–to the hilt.

The past, I think, has helped


appreciate the present–

and I don’t want to spoil any of it

by fretting about the future.”

— Audrey Hepburn

Appreciating the present. . . it is the best place to be. . .

As part of a massive reorganization and change in thinking about me and how I deal with things in my office, I find that I get more done with lists of things to do along with appointments. This time I’m doing it with a bit of a twist. At the very top in large letters is “Enjoy myself!”

My first goal in every day is simply to enjoy the day and my experience in each moment.

It sure makes the day more interesting. If I don’t get anything else done on the list, I always enjoy myself. Simple. Effective.

What Is Most Important Every Day On Your List?

Spread Some Joy Today–Enjoy yourself.

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