Daily Inspiration 10-19-11

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“I know there is strength in the differences between us.
I know there is comfort where we overlap.”
— Ani DiFranco
I had an interesting conversation with a new friend this morning and an interesting insight at the same time. It was powerful for me because it was something rare in my experience. That rareness was a simple and relatively short sharing of similar philosophy of life, though it wasn’t the similarity that was what made it special.
My experience is that most conversations, even with long-time friends is about trivia. Whether it is positive or negatively oriented is good to be aware of, but it is generally shallow and superficial. There might be a statement here and there that might be lightly debated about an issue, but generally not much more. It is more about opinions and events.
About 20′ feet away was a group of men assembled as a chat group I’m assuming. Some friends who get together and chat about stuff. I overheard much because of the volume and it was all trivia.
I think that many times we are afraid to open up, to discuss a subject that is deep within us, to allow a significant sharing to occur. Perhaps it is that we think that the other person thinks so differently. I love this quote by Swami Vivekananda on that subject: “All differences in this world are of degree, and not of kind, because oneness is the secret to everything.”
So, it is really special when we allow ourselves the vulnerability to express our inner beliefs. In this realm, it is more about feeling.
Generally, I walk the middle road. I sway to and fro just enough to be thoughtful, and to encourage allowing of alternative thoughts. I am appealing to a wide audience is a good way to look at it. Yet, I have specific beliefs that I have formed that may not be so main stream, or might even be controversial to many. It’s not that I mind a bit of debate, but I don’t want to cause any one else stress I guess. So, I don’t share them, or I only discuss them within the inner realm of me, myself and God. Or, if I do share, it is just a bit, without depth. Based on what I’ve seen in others over the years, this is probably fairly common.
The insight re-realized today is that we need to find one or a few key people to discuss deeper things with. The value of that is clarification, expansion, and greater understanding that only comes from their listening and feedback. As I talk to myself, my feedback is so predictable, but as a friend listens and responds, growth is evident, even in agreement.
Soulmate Is Another Way To Say That.
Spread Some Joy Today–Be open to new encounters. You never know what new benefit will come from it.
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