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“Though my physical address 
is in the State of California, 
I am living more and more
in the State of Appreciation.” 
— Terry Minion 

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[Classic post from 5-23-15]

For the last several weeks, or maybe even much longer, I’ve been enjoying the weather. It is rare to get fog where I live, and maybe that’s one reason they named it Fairfield. The fog usually stops outside of town at the hills, but this time of year, we have 20mph winds from the west and that is strong enough to blow the fog further. Yet, it is gone by around 11am and the sun is out and in the mid-70s, and even with that wind–or I might even say, because of the wind, these days are so glorious to be out and about in.

Charlie and I drove to Vacaville which is only 7 miles away to go to Sam’s Club. We always take a short walk there which he so enjoys and looks forward to before I go in to shop. And, yesterday, I was so delighting in the breeze and the air and the white clouds, and the trees.

I began saying, “thank you for this breeze, thank you for this beautiful blue sky with the white clouds, thank you for the air flowing over my skin and ruffling my shirt and having me feeling good. Thank you for my feeling good. Thank you for the great car I drive that has served me so long and well. Thank you for the brand new one of the same model that I am eagerly anticipating in the near future. Thank you for the money in my pocket and in the bank to be able to go into the store and buy what I need or want. Thank you for all these people around me who are finding their own experiences, living the lives they are choosing for themselves. Everywhere I looked, I was finding that which I was seeing in a state of appreciation.

To say I was overwhelmed with thankfulness is not the right way to say it. I was rollicking in my thankfulness. I was exuberant about it, effervescent, sparkling, bubbly, expansive, animated, irrepressible, exhilarated, ebullient, effusive, frolicsome, gay, playful, elastic, perky, buoyant, in high spirits, captivated, enchanted, astonished.

My experience was remarkable, magnificent, ambrosial, heavenly, luscious, delectable, delicious, alluring, superb, stupendous, tasty, yummy, and oh, so refreshing.

To say I was delighted is simply not enough. I had to find some other words to try to share what I was feeling, and even all of those seem to fall a bit short, though they are certainly in the ballpark.

Yes, I physically live in the State of California, and I now live more and more often in the state of appreciation. As I am more and more in the state of appreciation, it just doesn’t matter where I am physically. California is a wonderful place to live, but I have come to prefer the state of appreciation, where the cost of living and the benefits are always dynamic and fabulous.

Thankfulness And Gratitude Are On The Target, And Appreciation Is The Bullseye. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by moving into a state of appreciation. Joy is within.

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