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“Have patience with all things,
but chiefly have patience with yourself.
Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections
but instantly set about remedying them–
every day begin the task anew.”
— Saint Francis de Sales
I am happy to say that I am a practicing appreciator. It is the thing that I practice more than anything. I am grateful and I want to appreciate virtually everything. It takes a little bit of time to practice enough to appreciate virtually everything. Based on my own experience, appreciating myself and having patience with myself (a form of appreciation) has always seemed the most elusive.
I used to look in the mirror and immediately start focusing on things I didn’t like. My hair has always been parted on the wrong side, sagging eyelids, or whatever it may have been. I’m over it pretty much now, but most of my life was focused on what is not right yet, except yet is sort of like saying but. . . it cancels the movement toward.
When we can get to the point that we look in the mirror and love that person, appreciate that person and uplift that person, we will have made it. And, just think what the rest of the world that you touch will feel!
It’s never too late to begin practicing. If you can relate to what I am talking about when looking in the mirror, it is a really good time to begin saying loving things, looking for what is right and good, complimenting yourself, praising the way you look, seeing a glow and a smiling face looking back at you.
And, that body. . . well. . . some of us have issues with more than our face, and the same plan of action applies. You have to love you for the way you are in order to move toward something more pleasing. As you start praising yourself and seeing what is good and right, you may find yourself all of a sudden interested in walking more, or going to the gym more, or eating more lean foods. It is fascinating how that works, and it does work. However, again in my own experience, the more I criticize myself or anyone else, the more that I find to criticize–and here’s the really good news: conversely, the more I find to appreciate and praise in myself and others, the more I find to appreciate and praise.
I am so much cooler than I have ever been!
Loving myself is an expression of my joy!
Thank you for such an awesome package!
Everyone Has Talent, Unlimited Love, And Incredible Value–Including YOU!
Spread Some Joy Today–When you value yourself; appreciate yourself; love yourself, it creates an attraction force that draws people for you to appreciate. Aint’ it cool!? You don’t even have to go anywhere. They will come to you! YOU ROCK!
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