Daily Inspiration 10-17-13

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“Don’t be too hard on yourself.

There are plenty of people

willing to do that for you.

Love yourself and be proud

of everything that you do.

Even mistakes mean you’re trying.”

— Susan Gale

How often do you get encouragement or praise from others? Most people might say, not often enough. While getting praise and encouragement from others is wonderful and helpful, it is far more important to our own well being to have those uplifting words coming from ourselves about ourselves. Instead of being what many would call our own worst enemy, what would it be like to be our own best friend?

In the past 20 years, I’ve made decisions that are still having an effect right now. On the surface, or from someone viewing from the outside, many of those decisions might be commonly looked on as bad decisions. Yet, I’ve come to look at them differently, and that is their lasting positive effect on me. Those decisions caused situations that created contrast that caused me to look at things differently.

The benefit is that I changed my thinking and how I view things like problems. I have learned to take life far less seriously–even to the point of it being much more like a game than the real thing. This change alone has been worth it. I used to get into such a stew about things and now even if I get upset, it is very short and I’m laughing at it all very soon. In other words, I’ve learned to not be so hard on myself.

Guess what the benefit of that is? A side benefit of not being hard on myself is that others aren’t any more either. It’s a more pleasant world all around.

What’s The Big Deal Anyway? It’s Not All That!

Spread Some Joy Today–Give yourself a little party. It’s Thursday. It’s YOUR day. Enjoy yourself.

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