Daily Inspiration 10-17-11

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“Good or bad, everything we do
is our best choice at that moment.”
— William Glasser
I love this quote because I think it is a great way to look at our own choice, and decisions.
Often in the past, and even for short bursts occasionally today, I would lament my choices because it appeared that this choice was a poor choice and that created more debris to deal with. Often I would try to analyze and try harder and so on.
But the Glasser quote above speaks well of avoiding lamenting the past, accept that we did the best with what we had to deal with at the time, that a decision was made, and there is always a result. If the result isn’t what I want, the thing to do is start from here and move on, and not go backward for any reason since I cannot change the past no matter how much it is analyzed or thought of.
To start where I am and move forward from here makes perfect sense to me.
It’s All Good. Let’s Move On.
Spread Some Joy Today–Do some little nice thing for someone today. Just for the heck of it. . . and the practice.
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