Daily Inspiration 10-17-10

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“We cannot be happy if we expect to live all the time
at the highest peak of intensity. Happiness is not a matter
of intensity, but of balance and order and rhythm and harmony.”
— Thomas Merton
Happiness is sometimes expected to be non-stop enthusiasm. It can be some of that, but it is so much more. Indeed, happiness is something that encompasses so many emotional feelings that it is very hard to pinpoint. It is more a vague generality–or should I say, pleasing generality.
Each of us must define what happiness is individually. So, I thought about that and here’s my own definition.
Happiness is personally feeling love, inner joy and contentment, and enjoying my life experience, while at the same time, allowing all others to have the experience that suits them, with no insistence that they satisfy me.
Happiness Is Choice And It Is Very Personal.
Spread Some Joy Today–What is your definition of happiness? Good question! Write it out. Play with it for a while.
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