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“There is always a gift in any challenge.” 

— Bronnie Ware 

We’re in the Internet business, and specifically in Internet marketing via websites, blogs, social media, etc. It is alive and moving all the time, so there is always something new to learn. As soon as you think you know what you’re doing, you find that you’re not quite there, nor does it look like you will ever be. It is like a lifetime journey without a destination.

In our travels we have run across a number of IT people. IT stands for Internet Technology and it generally is associated with setting up networks, testing systems, insuring Internet security and such. Some of those we have come across have been so arrogant in thinking they know so much and questioning everything we say. It is like ego’s run amok. Of course, arrogance is a fearful emotion, and when we realize this, we know where their mind is really at.

Then sometimes a client will bring a new employee in to work with us and sometimes it feels like against us because they are thinking that they know how it should work and of course, we are not up to speed and in need of assistance. So, there is a lot to tiptoe through sometimes with these knowledgeable people.

Then again–and this is the important part, they are right. We do have things to learn, and they can be helpful in teaching us. They do this most often by bringing up what they see as a problem that we didn’t see as a problem. And, if we don’t address it well, they will often be persistent in getting their problem answered.

Considering that we have been doing this for seven years, it would be easy enough for us to get arrogant about such requests. We have to remind ourselves that we will always have much to learn about what we do and all of the nuances that are involved.

And guess what? When we let go of the rope of resistance and sincerely search for the answer to their question, we learn. Often we learn something we were clueless about and it reminds us the power and ultimate purpose of challenges. In the last month, we have learned about two such things that are important to learn about what we do. I won’t tell you what they were because then you would know how little we know. . .

So there are two important lessons here. One is that in the face of any challenge, it is a really good idea to look for the gift, because somewhere in that challenge, it is surely there. And, the second thing is to choose to remain an eager student. There is always something to learn and it doesn’t matter where we learn it from as long as we are open to learning more.

“You Are An Unfinished Work In Progress. One Of The Good Things About Life’s Challenges: You Get To Find Out That You’re Capable Of Being Far More Than You Ever Thought Possible.” — Karen Salmonsohn 

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