Daily Inspiration 10-16-12

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“Usually the customer’s always right.
At the parking lot the
customer’s only sometimes right
and even then it’s still a
judgment call.”

Scott Meiggs
Parking Lot

— from the movie, The Parking Lot

What I love about Netflix is that it suggests
movies to me that I would never, ever have seen. Some are not so good, but
others are just wonderful. I love it when the latter happens. It’s like some
sort of secret match–maybe a bit like winning the lottery.
Tonight I was prompted to try The Parking Lot
Movie. I know that doesn’t sound so interesting, but it was marvelous and funny,
and even inspiring. Enjoy!

Laugher Is The Best Medicine–Even When You’re

Spread Some Joy Today–Have some fun today doing whatever you choose to do.
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