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“Anyone can negatively criticize. It is the
cheapest of all comment because it requires
not a modicum of the effort that suggestion requires.”
— Chuck Jones
I was looking through some books for something and sat down for a few minutes with Anthony Robbins’ great book, Awaken the Giant Within. As I perused it once again briefly, I saw again the volume and depth of content in this book. It also reminded me about some of the people I have known over the years who knew that I read these psychology, self-help, motivational books, who would say some critical thing that only demonstrated that they hadn’t a clue, such as, ‘those guys are just out to make a bunch of money and rip people off.’
My first question is always the same: Have you read Awaken the Giant Within? or whatever book or author they might be speaking about. The answer is always the same: ‘No, that’s just a bunch of _____ (fill in the blank).
It is so incredibly easy to criticize anyone or anything from the comfort of our armchair, and fact has nothing to do with it.
Of course, if there was a legitimate argument about what was actually inside the book, then we could have a lively debate!
I saw a comment about an ex-politician the other day who used to get criticized and laughed at on a regular basis years ago, and then it all came back to me how I’ve participated in much of it over time, more so when I was younger, which, if you know what I mean, was just a few years ago. . .
Then tonight I realized what is missing. What is missing is appreciation. It may be missing in our own life, and it is certainly missing from the people and things that we may criticize.
As I sat there for a few and began appreciating the time and effort it must have taken to do the project of that book, to do those seminars year in and year out and all of the foundational things that brought Anthony Robbins to where he is today, it was a staggering amount of appreciation. In addition, having been to a weekend seminar of his and been with him live for many, many hours, along with all the other books and tapes I’ve been through of his, that appreciation is even more personal and full.
This is as it is with anyone or anything we criticize. There is so much more to them that we see; so much more depth and accumulation than is visible, whether it is a President of the United States or the school janitor. And, if we only take a different tack and begin to find something to appreciate in them or it, that will then attract more to be appreciative of and pretty soon we may even be loving them instead of putting them down as if they were somehow beneath us.
What a difference this one change will make in the person being criticized, along with an equal or even greater benefit to the critic.
Cheap Shots Always Are.
Spread Some Joy Today–Find ways to appreciate people today–even your own critics. You could even be their secret admirer!
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