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“You are constantly invited
to be what you are.”
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

[Classic post from 9-2-14]

Yes, that may be true, and so often we may be so focused on what we are not yet.

This weekend, I took an online class from Anita Moorjani, who is the author of Dying To Be Me, which is easily one of the more powerful and interesting books I’ve ever read. Much of what she teaches is learning to just let go and be the real you rather than the ‘adapted children’, or ‘critical parents’ we have perhaps become. To her, it is all about unconditional love and especially practicing loving ourselves.

She had such an interesting question in lesson two. She said to ask ourselves this question in several ways: “If I loved myself, what would I be doing now?” She expands on that to ask, “If I loved myself, what would I be eating?, what kind of work would I be doing? Who would I be around?”

She says you have to start by accepting and loving yourself right where you are at this moment. She says, “this is who I am right now and it’s okay. This is what I have right now, and it’s okay.” To make it even more emphatic, she says, “I love who I am right now!”

She said that some ask her what it means to love ourselves since we don’t really have any training in that. We’ve often been brought up to focus on others and exclude ourselves. She gave her opinion of loving ourselves this way: “To love yourself means to value your life, feeling that your life has purpose, and trusting in the process by being grateful for everything that we have, all the people in our life, and everyone around us.”

Sounds good to me. . .

“See The Gift Of Where You Are Right Now. Embrace Where You Are Right Now.” — Anita Moorjani

Spread Some Joy Today–by seeing your gift and sharing the gift of you.

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