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“Thought is the sculptor 
who can create the person 
you want to be.” 
— Henry David Thoreau 

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[Classic post from 5-18-15]

Toward the end of 2013, I found this poster by Andy Dooley. Actually, he sent it out to who knows how many people in his newsletter which I subscribe to. I sent him a note and said that I would be very interested in buying several copies of it if he would offer it on Zazzle.com where he has several other of his wonderful art posters and other artwork available. I loved the sentiment of someone telling you that you rock and even giving a list of reasons to support that statement. Andy was happy to fulfill my request and he did it right away too. I was grateful.

I bought posters in various sizes, had them framed, and gave them out to clients, and our team members along with some other Andy Dooley things. I loved the idea that they could put it on their desk or their wall and see it often to remind them that they are special and that they rock.

I gave out quite a number of them, took my time gathering them and getting them ready for Christmastime giving. It was fun and it was a mission of love too. I kept two of them myself–one 8×10 size in my office and one 16×20 on my wall that I see every time I walk down my hallway. It helps me remember that I rock too.

So, here’s my throwdown challenge for you today and this week. Get a spiral notebook or legal pad and write this phrase on the first line:

I ROCK Because. . .

And then, write a list of reasons why you rock. Keep writing until you can’t think of any more, then come back tomorrow or the next day and write some more. Keep it nearby and look at it periodically to remind yourself all the ways in which you rock. Sing your praises, lift yourself up. Be selfish enough to do this because loving really begins with self-love.

Besides, what do you have to lose except your self-criticism?


Spread Some Joy Today–by thinking of some new and more exciting words to use when today someone asks you, how are you? How about enchanting, alluring, ravishing, astonishing, remarkable, divine, yummy, delectable, captivating, just to name a few.

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