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“The more you focus

on why things are not working,

the more things don’t work.

The more you focus

on what is working,

or how things could work,

the more things work.”

— Alan Cohen

Whether we want to admit it or understand it or not, many of us have a tendency to focus on the problems and not the solution. On the fight against _______, rather than moving toward __________. Whatever we give our attention to grows.

Sometimes people say, ‘times are tough,’ and so they focus on the tough times. They watch the news, read the stories in the paper, join the crowd of people that are focusing on what is wrong, how it went wrong, who’s to blame and how could it have come to this, and so on.

When business is down, we want to look at the problems. See what is wrong, correct what is wrong, lament about what is wrong, cut back to demonstrate what is wrong. It’s wrong, it’s not fair, there ought to be a law.

This is October, it’s the pink month, we’ve got a government crisis going on regarding the standoff in Washington, see the list, listen to the latest dribble coming through the radio, TV, Internet sites, and newspapers and magazines. There is plenty to focus on, and there will be plenty more in November, December and January. We will not run out of problems and issues and crises.

In fact, as we focus on them, they are increased. Focusing on them is a surefire way to see them increase. Even waging a war on _______ will not create anything except more of __________.

We could change and focus on the solution, but that is not the point. The point is and the way out is to focus on what is wanted, rather than what is not wanted. We won’t get well by focusing on disease. We get well by focusing on health. We don’t lose weight by focusing on diets, special drinks, exercise and such. We focus on being thin and being healthy and being active and enjoying life and the other can no longer compete.

Contrast is a good thing, but the only thing that makes it good is that it turns us toward what we want now. We won’t get there by focusing on the contrast. We get there by focusing on what we want now, how it feels as if it were already, and becoming it.

Focus On That Which You Want, What Is Right And Good. Let The Rest Fall Away.

Spread Some Joy Today–It’s your world. You get to choose. Choose joy!

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