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“Habit is a man’s sole comfort.
We dislke doing without even unpleasant things
to which we have become accustomed.”
— Goethe
Yesterday’s message was about habit also, but today, I thought I would take a different view of habits–one that isn’t thought of in the light of a habit, but it very much habitual. That habit is complaining, and seeing always the problems around you, ever more increasing in number and complexity.
I was thinking about a statement that came into my head today about reality. Before I get to that, I want to talk a bit about reality. Reality is the backbone of complaint and problems. Reality is the justification for the complaint and the complainant. Reality is the justification for the problems and the increasing problems and the lack of solutions to the problems. I’m not being facetious. If it weren’t for the support of reality, there would be nothing for complaints, complainants or problems to stand on.
Accepting reality as reality is the key to maintaining a powerless attitude. It is the powerlessness feeling that creates more complaints. Complaints, of course, are just focuses on the problems versus the way things “should” be. Of course, the way things should be could never be reality because of the way things are. You know what I mean? I know that probably sounds funny, but think about that.
Back to the statement that came to me. Here it is: “Do I create reality, or does reality create me?” I thought, wow! that’s and interesting question! It is obvious that to a complainant that reality creates them. There is no other way to see it. It is the reality that is the problem and since reality is reality and it is what it is, so that means that it can’t be changed, then we must accept reality as reality and powerlessness as a given. Right? Seems an obvious conclusion.
However, what if I chose to create reality instead of it creating me? What if I chose to see a different reality of my own creation–one that I really liked looking at and feeling and experiencing? What if I let others have their own reality of their choosing as well–including those who experience the powerlessness associated with their reality? I just allow others to have the reality they want, while I use my brain and my mind and my intellect and heart to create a reality that I want. Of course! Why the heck not?!
And what does this have to do with habit? It is our habit how we choose reality, isn’t it? Complaining is a habit. Seeing the problems is a habit. Experiencing unhappiness, despair, depression, or just a general malaise is a habit. It is the fear habit.
In the same vein, finding and experiencing joy, loving life, praising God, uplifting people, seeing solutions, seeing a positive future, enjoying each moment, loving people, writing positive things, thinking positive thoughts about yourself and others, spreading joy and well-being is a habit. It is the love habit.
I say “get real” and choose the reality you want!
What Is The Difference Between Reality and Illusion? It Is A Choice And Point Of View.
Spread Some Joy Today–I predict that as you allow yourself to complain less, you will find more joy. As you find more joy, the extra you carry around with you will begin to be heavy and you must give it away to lighten your load. As you give it away, more will come to you and you will need to speed up your giving plan. As you speed up your giving plan . . . Oh my goodness! What are you going to do with all that joy? I guess, you’ll just have to share it with the whole planet!
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