Daily Inspiration 10-13-18

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“No matter what 
 accomplishments you achieve, 
somebody helps you.” 
— Althea Gibson 

[Classic post from 8-31-14]

Sometimes, I think we might have an illusion that we accomplish things on our own. Often, people are singled out, whether in history, or in current affairs, or big businesses such as Steve Jobs and Apple, so that many think they were the creators when in all actuality, they may have been very influential, but not one, including Abraham Lincoln, did it alone. They all had help, and many of them had a great deal of help, though naught may be recognized as providing such.

A better way is to understand this from the start and not only accept the assistance, but embrace it. Probably, with many, recognition alone is sufficient reward, to others appreciation. What an inexpensive way toward accomplishment.

Some may contribute in tiny ways, and others in grand fashion. In any case, it is well to acknowledge and appreciate all in the best ways suited to the volume and quality.

Being A Leader Is Not Nearly As Lonely A Job As It Might Seem.

Spread Some Joy Today–by dropping the rope of finding fault with yourself or your actions, or lack of them. Joy is in this direction.

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