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“How does it feel 
to live the life 
of your dreams?”

— Albert K. Strong 

Wallace D. Wattles, in his book, The Science of Getting Rich, that was the initial inspiration for the movie and book, The Secret, says that after deciding what we really want, we must, “act in a certain way.” He goes on to say that we need to focus on the present holding with faith our inner desires. He says for us to “put your whole mind into present action. Do not give your creative impulse to Original Substance, and then sit down and wait for results; if you do, you will never get them. Act now. There is never any time but now, and there never will be any time but now.” 

He says not to worry about yesterday’s efforts or work, concentrate on today, right now. As well, he says, don’t worry about tomorrow and what will or will not come, there is only right now to deal with and that if we will “hold with faith and purpose the vision of yourself in the better environment, but act upon your present environment with all your heart, and with all your strength, and with all of your mind,” it will be yours. For him, to act in a certain way is to give our best to the tasks and needs before us right now regardless of where we would rather be.

Wallace D. Wattles wrote that in 1910, and he is one of so many, who have said the same thing in various ways. As we focus on what we have to do in front of us, we release our immediate preferences, quiet to some degree the inner chatter about our preferences and all that surrounds them, and in doing so, we find a certain peace in our immediate present which opens us to what will come next for us.

I just finished, The Surrender Experiment, by Michael A. Singer, and he says that concentrating on the moment and the things to do in the moment was exactly what was needed. His approach to the moment was the same, but rather than having faith in what he wanted, it seems that he simply released his desires of outcome completely. It seemed that he wanted nothing at all.

At first sight, that is what it seems he did–but only for his worldly desires. He let them go completely and surrendered to whatever the Universe or Life would bring. He would immediately struggle for a moment or so, and then let go of his inner chatter by concentrating on what was in front of him and being amazed at what came next. But, in truth for him, he was holding on in faith to his most powerful desire, that of releasing himself, letting go of the mind chatter, and being one with the moment, in peace, one with Life itself. His desire wasn’t of things, or situations of the world, but of inner peace and tranquility.

We all have wants, strong desires, dreams for the life we want to live, and many of us are perhaps already there, living that, though there is always more when we are ready for more. There are as many wants, desires, and dreams as there are stars in the sky, but I think in all of them, by following the advice of these two spiritual guides and doing with all our heart what is in front of us at the moment, will suffice to guide us toward that which we would like better. In fact, in Michael A. Singer’s place, as many others too, he attracted far more than he could have ever imagined possible.

It is said that we can ask and it will be given, and in our asking, we are thereby clarifying what we would prefer, and this can be helpful for us. To God, or the Universe, or Life, or All-That-Is, this is not needed for It. That is already known, and as we learn our various ways of getting out of the way, dropping the rope of resistance, allowing, we may be then surprised at the path having led us to what we wanted, and often far more than we imagined. We can often actually see that magical path when we turn and look back. As we focus on what is at hand with our heart, head, and hands, we only need faith–trust–that the path we are following is true.

Make Your Work Today A Gift To The Universe! 

Spread Some Joy Today–by giving your best, living your best, loving your best.

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