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“Show everyone else 
 exactly how it is done 
 in your tenaciosity.”

— Terry Minion 

[Below is an article I wrote last week for the upcoming issue of Ford Pros Magazine, which I have had the privilege and honor to contribute to since 2008. This quarterly magazine is sent to Ford dealers and is part of the National Ford Truck Club. I was thinking about this article this morning and couldn’t get it out of my head, so that guided me to share it with you. I think the message is certainly worthy regardless of what you may do in your work life. Of course this one is focused on commercial trucks and fleet sales. Perhaps it may mean something to some of my readers.]

I applaud all of you who are serving the public by selling vehicles, and especially those who sell upfitted commercial trucks, and commercially-oriented vehicles from pickups to vans to dump trucks to buses. There are not so many that have the desire to get involved in this exciting end of the auto business, so I congratulate you for your desire, courage, vision, and tenacity. Bravo!

Those last few words are signposts that guide everyone in this business, and what their desire is matters, how much courage they have matters, how big their vision is matters, and tenacity, well, tenacity is the end game, isn’t it? As well, these subjects are good questions to ask ourselves from time to time, such as, what is my desire? What exactly is my vision for this operation and what is my place in it? What is the depth of my courage? How courageous am I? How committed to this am I? Although, I think the last one answers itself from the type of answers to the other questions. Tenacity has everything to do with desire, courage, and our vision.

Some of us who may be commercial sales people might tend to wish the GM or dealer would give us more support. Or maybe we are a one-woman operation and feel overwhelmed sometimes, yet doing the best we can, or thinking that anyway. It’s easy to look outside of ourselves for what might be missing, or what we think we need to be more successful, but I know from experience on the ground at the front lines that it isn’t outside, it is inside. Our desire, courage, vision, and tenacity is what drives everything around us. Believe it because it is true. Also, as that is developed and expanded, it is a skill you can take wherever you may roam. This dealer pulls the plug? No problem, you are in command much more than you think. . . . depending on how you handle your desire, courage, vision and tenacity.

I’ve written a book on the subject of being successful in commercial trucks: Commercial Truck Success. It is simply written and is written from actual experience on the line. You might find some ideas in there helpful, or you could follow the path I was on creating a number one operation in three states, but what would be even way cooler than this, would be for you to find an idea, or a few from that work, make them your own, add your own ideas, and create something better than I even imagined. I actually know more than one who have done just that.

But, it isn’t me, the book, or the dealer’s permission or support, or anything else external to yourself. It’s all up to you, and you alone. You set the tone with your desire. You take the risks necessary to excel with your courage. You plan the future and expand into it via your vision. And, you show everyone else exactly how it is done in your tenaciosity. Yes, tenaciosity. Put them all together with your dynamic personality, and wa-lah, you can write your own book, along with your own ticket anywhere you want to go. Nice going! You rock! The praises never end! Hey, and don’t forget to send me a copy or a link of your book. I want to read that story!

If It’s To Be, It’s Up To ____! 

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