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“With age, 
you get to a place
where you don’t want
to knock people out. 
You just want to 
give people a hug.” 
— Vin Diesel 

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[Classic post from 5-14-15]

I get this totally, except I would have to change one thing. I would remove the word ‘age’ and insert ‘wisdom’ or ‘enlightenment’. It really has nothing to do with age, but I believe it has everything to do with coming into alignment with Source and seeing all others as fellow travelers in time and space on this ball of fire called Earth. Or, simply letting go of your current viewpoint for long enough to see another.

The more we see our community, the more we see our commonality (or is it the other way around?), the more we feel the presence of God or Source in our lives. When we get here, allowing each to make their own choices without any condemnation or insistence they satisfy us is a given.

Everyone wants the same thing. We want to feel good. Some take the harder trip to the same goal, but that, after all, is the adventure, isn’t it?

Consider this bit of wisdom from Abraham, Esther Hicks on this subject:

“People say, “The joy is in the journey,” but they rarely understand what they are saying. You are in this focused time/space reality with goals and objectives that call you because as you identify a desire it literally summons life through you. Life summoning through you is what it’s all about–it’s not the completion of anything.”

Enjoy Your ‘Journey’ And Wear Some Good Shoes, Just In Case The Road Is A Bit Rough. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by getting older quickly or getting into alignment. Your choice.

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