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“Struggle is a clever device through which Nature
compels humanity to develop, expand and progress.
It is either an ordeal or a magnificient experience,
depending on one’s attitude toward it.
Success is impossible–unthinkable even–without it.”
— Napoleon Hill
Struggle is just part of what goes on throughout our lives, and though the word struggle seems to generally have a negative connotation, it is only that in the minds of the people who view it that way. It is far better and more productive to view it as a benefit, or a positive than something to avoid.
I know some people that don’t go for their own dreams because they don’t want to go through the struggle, the challenges, the negatives. They must be seeing it as some kind of mine field where they could get their leg blown off at the slightest mis-move. Yet I have found this to be just a mirage. The reality is that the struggle isn’t painful, but joyous and absolutely necessary to move further toward your goals.
Think of it as in baseball. If I am willing to stand at the plate and eye the ball and take a swing at it, I can play the game. As I swing, I see certain results and as I see those results, I make adjustments. In the meantime, I’m having fun and learning at the same time. Sometimes I hit one and I see those results and make adjustments to hit it more effectively. Finally, I hit a home run and I see the results and I make adjustments to hit more of them. Even when I strike out, I did so with enthusiasm and the joy of the game. As I see that result, I make adjustments.
Some of the best players in the game in history strike out 3 out of 4 times at bat on average. They see the result and continue making adjustments throughout their careers. Yet, they have a love of the game–a joy in doing it, learning from it and experiencing it.
Some see everything except the home run as struggle. I see it as part of the game and all beneficial and also joyous because I love the game.
Batter Up!
Spread Some Joy Today–Change your view of common frustrations, and struggles. It is the way you look at these events that determines your outcome. Try a more enlightened view just for a while. Instead of complaining, start praising! It’s amazing what a difference a praise makes.
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