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“The smallest seed of faith 
is better than the largest 
fruit of happiness.” 
— Henry David Thoreau 

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[Classic post from 5-4-15]

The word, ‘faith’ is used in numerous ways, but when I read this quote by Thoreau, I had a view of faith as far beyond simple belief, or even a firm belief, to an inner knowing or an absolute knowing that there could be no question whatsoever as to its manifestation being true.

The faith of the kind I refer to is the guide and deliverer of not only happiness but everything a person could ever want. I see his quote as the difference between feeding someone for a day and teaching them how to fish. The difference is night and day.

Just image that your wildest dreams could come true. You’ve had the desire, the desire is answered by the Universe, in other words, it is given, and the only part left is the allowing of it, or the believing or expecting that it is yours, or the most powerful and fastest way: the inner knowing it is already yours. There’s not even a question about it. There is not even a molecule of doubt. It is.

Just imagine that. . .

This Is The Faith That Moves Mountains. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by simply and delightfully enjoying your day.

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