Daily Inspiration 10-1-13

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“Each experience in your life

was absolutely necessary

in order to have gotten you

to the next place, and the next place,

up to this very moment.”

— Dr. Wayne W Dyer

Yesterday I talked about thinking that everything was perfect, and that all the events, situations, and scenarios in my life have led me to where I am and where I am is perfect as if I had chosen it to begin with long before today.

It might be easy to think of this as manifest destiny, but consider it a more free flowing way. Consider that each movement was purely a choice. It wasn’t God’s Will or from anyone else, but yours alone. You chose. I chose it on purpose. And, the results are the results and they are perfect.

What would life be like thinking this way. What happens isn’t the fault of anyone else, or circumstances beyond our control, or not paying attention. Instead, it is purely a choice we made and whatever came of that choice was perfect. Of course, at the same time, if the choice wasn’t exactly what pleased us the most, we could also change the decision and choose something else.

Consider that we are always in control. What would that be like?

 It’s All Good.

 Spread Some Joy Today–by taking charge of your joy. When you have it, you can share it.

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