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“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world
and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.”
— E. B. White
I love this quote by one of my favorite writers and writing teachers, E. B. White. I understand what he is saying, and I used to think they were, but I do not think those two concepts are mutually exclusive.
Some people think they are going to really live when they retire. They can’t wait to get off work or can’t wait for the weekend so they can have fun. Or, maybe they need a get away so they can relax and refresh and that won’t come until the next vacation time.
All of these, and you see it all around you, are just excuses, aren’t they? Truth is, we can enjoy the world and improve the world at the same time, can’t we? Of course. We can also relax every day any time we choose to by focusing on that for a few minutes.
Today, I went to a Starbucks and had a latte and just sat there for about a half hour thinking and relaxing before a meeting. When the meeting came, I was refreshed and ready to get on with improving the world and that of my client. It is amazing when you allow yourself, the many ways in which you can pause and refresh during the day.
Here’s my recommendation from experience and trial and error (where experience comes from): DON’T PLAN IT. JUST DO IT. There you go. It is short advice, but it is very effective and important. Just take the time. It need not be a long time. Steal away a bit of time for yourself for your own personal enjoyment here and there whenever you feel like it, and just do it right then and there. You will be impressed with how wonderful that will help you to feel for the rest of the day.
Pamper Yourself A Little Bit Each Day In Many Different Ways. You Deserve It!
Spread Some Joy Today–Just think of the positive effect you will have on those around you when you feel GOOD! So, feel good!
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