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“Clouds may block 
 our view of the sun, 
but they cannot remove it.”

— Alan Cohen 

I got my pilot’s license in July of 1969, and most of my flying was done within a couple years of that date. When I saw the quote above, it reminded me of flying then, as well as flying now in commercial jets with other pilots flying the plane. It also excited my thoughts and memories of other ways in which we trust what we do not necessarily see, including, trusting in God, or in our own inner knowing.

Once you get a pilot’s license, you can get other ‘ratings,’ such as an instrument rating, which certifies via an FAA testing that you were trained sufficiently to navigate using the airplane’s instruments in non-visual circumstances, like flying in clouds and such. All airline pilot’s have to be instrument rated, of course, and I’m sure we’ve all been on an airplane where you’re going though clouds and you can’t see anything outside the window. We’re trusting the pilot knows how to navigate without being able to see.

When learning to fly, they teach and test you on a little bit of instrument-only flying, so that you learn to trust that the instruments are true to what they are supposed to do. Sure, there is skill involved, but it is trust that matters more in learning to use the instruments. From a physical point of view, it is easier than you might imagine without our being able to see the horizon or landmarks, to become disoriented. But, by being able to use the instruments to ‘see,’ and trusting in their guidance, all is well.

We trust all the time, but we aren’t paying attention to it. As we drive down any two lane road in the country at 60 mph, we are trusting that the oncoming cars have drivers who are awake and paying attention, staying in their lane. We wouldn’t be able to drive if we didn’t trust in this, even though we all know that every once in a while they don’t stay in their lane.

There’s a lot of things that we trust in with our eyes. Even in night driving, we see headlights indicating others and their positions. But, trusting things that we cannot see, that is where we may have had issues, and where our confidence can be tested.

Trusting in God, or our inner being, our inner knowing, of the Universe to back us up is a huge issue for many. We cannot see, it is all invisible to us. We have to believe, and as we believe, we are trusting.

I believe that we are all seasoned pilots, but that sometimes it is easy to forget that we know how to fly via our instruments. We prefer different and more real evidence. And, just like any pilot, we have to practice to get better at our skill, and more confident in our trust.

Trust More. Worry Less. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by trusting your connection to all of life.

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