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“Our intention creates our reality.” 

— Wayne Dyer 

It’s interesting how our intentions have an effect on the outcomes in our life. Those intentions can be positive, based on what we want things to be, or can as easily be negative, focused on our past experiences and generally on things we don’t want. Sometimes we even do this unconsciously.

Often these intentions are long term intentions, and can easily turn to disappointment, as time has a way of challenging the process.

Enter Segment Intending, another Abraham-Hicks process to help me define what I want in short segments, so I can keep things focused and have what I want come to pass. I find myself using this more and more all the time. It can even be used all day long.

Each action, however short or long, can be called a segment. Driving a couple miles to the bank is a segment, a short drive to the next town, the next half hour of time, receiving a phone call, making a phone call, each of these are segments. Going into a meeting is a segment, going to sleep is a segment, beginning your day is a segment.

I use it most often when I am travelling. I say to myself, “I intend to have safe, efficient, and enjoyable travel on this trip.” At first I thought that this was a little silly, then I tried it and all I can say now is that it works in ways that might surprise you. Sometimes I’ve not allowed enough time and yet after the intention, I arrive on time, without any anxiety or stress, or speeding tickets. Red lights turn into green lights, traffic is not a hindrance either. It just works and this is why I now do it most of the time unless I forget for some reason.

Yesterday I made two trips, one short, one longer. I went to see a client and do several short videos, and then on to a prospective client to close a deal. I intended safe, efficient, and enjoyable travel each time, then I intended how I wanted each appointment to go, and the travel was perfect, and I was even early, and the appointments went exactly as I intended. These positive results happen far too often to call them coincidental. It works, and it seems to work every time

Whenever we intend things to be a certain way, it is amazing how often our intentions are realized. What a wonderful little game or tool Segment Intending is to create a great day and a joyful experience.

Having More Of What I Want Come True Is Within My Power. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by not giving a rip what other people think.

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