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“Do not get angry because others 
question what you believe, 
be calm and loving, 
for anger is the root 
of a faulty belief.” 

 — Leon Brown 

I am certain that questioning what we believe is the single largest source of anger. In fact, this idea alone is responsible for virtually every war ever fought. This is especially true when it comes to religion, and it hasn’t settled down after thousands of years.

It would seem that we like to gather into groups of like-believers, and then try our best to expand that group, overcome opposing groups and try to get people through causes, laws, and opinion to all agree on one single thing or one way. This is simply not possible. Diversity rules, not uniformity. This is obvious by simply paying attention; however, there are so many that ignore the obvious in pursuit of the impossible in uniformity. 

Imagine a world where everyone believed the same things. In a short time, it would turn to complacency and then despair. It is the diversity that makes it alive.

Based on this, instead of the typical anger response to others believing what they will that is not our own, it would be more appropriate to celebrate it and accept the idea of diversity. It is called allowing. By allowing others to live the life that they choose, we can allow ourselves to live the life that we choose.

This all applies to the smallest of incidents or situations as it does to the very large categories such as religion, nations, etc. On a smaller scale, we call it disagreements, or even minor disagreements. In all of these smaller scale scenarios, if we allow others to believe what they will, while allowing ourselves the same privilege, there would be no more need of anger.

Now. . . Consider A World Without Anger. . .
Maybe It Would Be Boring. . . Maybe Anger Is Part Of The Diversity. . . Hmmm 

Spread Some Joy Today–Celebrate your ability to create joy at a moments desire. Talk about life changing. . .

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