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“You are never strong enough

that you don’t need help.”


— Cesar Chavez

This is a quote that is perfect to put on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator or on top of your monitor so that you can see it often. It’s wonderful to think that we are born multi-taskers and that we can handle a lot, but there are places in our lives that we need help. It doesn’t matter if we are rich and famous or poor and downtrodden, we all need help from someone else or other people. That makes it important to keep all bridges intact and all avenues open.

This applies as much in our personal lives as it does in our business endeavors. I know in my business endeavors that I am finding more people to help out all the time and as it grows, I need ever more help. I see some clients trying to manage it all and that just doesn’t work. What is your time worth?

In our personal lives there are all kinds of things that we need help with, whether it is our taxes, getting out of a tax jam, getting help to keep up the house, the yard, the ranch and so much more.

Praise God for all those people out there who like to do things I hate doing! What a wonderful help that is. Seek and ye shall find!

I Am Blessed By The Helpers! Thank YOU!

Spread Some Joy Today–Help someone else who can use some help.

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