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“The eye sees only what the 
mind is prepared to comprehend.” 

— Robertson Davies 

Today, after spending a lot of money every day, I have become a millionaire. Now, the truth is that I have earned over two million in my careers, and I spent it all and then some. Of course, it wasn’t there all at once, and though it could have been different, I think with where my mind has been over the years, it would have gone away in a similar way. 

A few weeks ago I shared a game by Abraham-Hicks called The Prosperity Game, and that I found an iPhone app of the same name where it gives you $1,000 and then $1,000 more each day. Today is day 73 and so this morning, I received a deposit of $73,000. The idea is to spend the money any way you choose. The idea of the game is to change your thinking and change the way you feel about money.

I have found it extremely interesting what I have spent the money on and how little in comparison I have spent on myself. After a few days I began tithing, giving a tenth away to two favorite organizations. After a few more days, I began double tithing, or giving a tenth to each. Then later, I’ve added a third. The first money spent every day now is over $20,000 per day to those three. In the last two weeks, I decided to leave the rest because I wanted to have a million dollars set aside for a large project, or to just have it. Today, after my tithing, I have $1,019,900. It feels good to me.

I told a friend about this and he said, “it’s not real, it’s just a game.” I have to disagree. Everything begins in the mind. We all know why people can make a lot of money and still be broke. It is because they don’t believe, feel wealthy and they have all sorts of baggage surrounding the idea of money. Maybe even from childhood, such as, “money doesn’t grow on trees.” How many times I heard that! “We can’t afford that.” That phrase was almost welded to my mind. People win lottery money that could have them set for life and they are broke quickly enough. It is not the money, but the mindset. We all have ways of sabotaging ourselves when our beliefs don’t match our actions or circumstances. 

I can feel within me how this game is changing the way I feel about money. It has renewed within me some goals of businesses that I wanted and then let go of. It has caused me to be more lighthearted about money instead of making it such a hard thing to achieve. It has provided a bright outlook ahead for me. Changing how I feel about money is such a blessing to me and feeling that change is empowering.

I will leave you this morning with a quote from Abraham-Hicks from the Ask and It Is Given perpetual calendar for today’s date:

 “You were born with an innate knowledge that you do create your own reality. And, in fact, that knowledge is so basic within you that when someone attempts to thwart your own creation, you feel and immediate discord within yourself. Within you, today, lives the knowledge that you are the creator of your own life experience: that absolute freedom exists as the basis of your true experience; and that, ultimately–the creation of your life experience is absolutely and only up to you.”

Our Thoughts And Feelings Are Our Ultimate Guidance System. 

Spread Some Joy Today–Let go of the rail. . . Let go of the rope. . . Relax. Enjoy. Find things to appreciate. Pay attention to the good things and don’t give attention to those other things.

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