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recognizing resistance quickly 
and letting go 
in order to realize and benefit from 
the natural flow.” 

 — Albert K Strong 

As an avid student, I am always learning about business and life. Often, one mirrors the other, or it just feels as if it is all the same thing.

One of my favorite authors, Alan Cohen wrote a short piece called, “Work with the willing.” I received this almost a year ago, but it has stuck in my mind and I have observed and felt how it is to work with some clients who are not willing and notice the difference with those who are. Those who we may struggle with through poor communication, lack of interest, planning, and more, is like working with the unwilling. It becomes frustrating for us, and it also produces less of a valuable product or service for them.

Often, we continue to try to work with the unwilling and it saps our energy the more of these we entertain. After observing this for many months now, I see that this is unnatural. The natural thing would be to flow, focus on the flow, remove resistance to the flow and instead, we often spend much time and energy dealing with the resistance itself which impedes the flow.

Alan says that to work with the willing is one of the most valuable principles he uses in his work, and that he applies it almost daily in his work, relationships, prosperity and health.”

In the piece, Alan spelled out four ways he works with the willing. One is “work with people who are willing to do what they say they will do.” We all say things that we intend to do and don’t always follow through, I’m sure. To some though, it seems a habitual way of life. It is hard to work through this. It is often better to let them be.

Number two is to “work with the willing part of your mind and heart.” This is wonderful. By letting our own willingness guide us rather than than trying to force things is a perfect strategy.

Number three is to “work with the part of others that is willing.” This is not a contradiction, it is insight. We need to realize that everyone wants and is good at something and try to bring that more energy. Putting people where they will shine is a great example of this rather than wherever we may need them. This will create more long term and mutually beneficial success.

Last, but not least, he covers this by saying to “work with what the universe is willing to do.” He says, “there is a flow to life, or, as Lao Tzu called it, “The Tao.” There is a stream of well being that is forcefully yet gracefully moving life to greater good.”

It is now my project and goal to release the resistance this year and thereby create more flow. I will do that in my business and I have been working for the last several months in my personal life as well. I see even more joy on the horizon.

Going With The Flow Has Much More Meaning Now. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by “dropping the rope” of your resistance and let your own joy flow freely.

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