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“The living moment is everything.”
— D. H. Lawrence
This has probably happened to you as well. I’ll be reading something, watching a movie or video, listening to an audiobook, and the vast majority of the time, I find things of interest and learn from them. But, sometimes, something jumps out at me as if it is screaming for me to remember it. It might be part of a line, a quote, a line in a book, yet what makes it different is how it stands out.
This happened a few nights ago watching the movie, The Adjustment Bureau with Matt Damon. It’s a pretty interesting movie, and at one point, David, the lead character played by Matt Damon said this phrase that jumped out at me: “All I have are the choices I make.”
That is a great phrase to contemplate. That is what sets us apart, isn’t it? It is what makes life worthwhile if you think about it a bit more deeply. It is also our history, our destiny and our present all in one answer as to how things are or have been, or will be.
Some years ago, I sat down and wrote a long piece about choices I had made in the earlier portions of my life and how those choices were consciously made and each one created, or had visible results. It was fascinating to do this because it made me so much more aware of the power of NOW. It is our now or the present that we make all of our choices.
If I look back and regret my choices, I can’t do anything about what has been other than to think about it differently; however, I have the opportunity every moment of every day to consciously make a different, better, more appropriate choice, or just a new choice. And that is the hope that we all have no matter where we are. This is something we all share in common. We all have hope if we want it and that hope is formulated by the fact that we can choose a different thought, a different action each and every moment.
Next time we might be lamenting where we are compared with where we might rather have ended up, the best thing to do is this:
1. Realize that our own choices have brought us here regardless of circumstances that surround us. Realize or be aware of it and then accept responsibility for those choices. Others did not make them for us.
2. Get excited about the hope that we all share in by being able to make choices today, right here, and right now that have the power to change and shape what is. Whether it is a change in the way we view something, or an action that will cause a change makes no difference. They are both choices and our same hope.
“Nothing Is Worth More Than This Day” — Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Spread Some Joy Today–Don’t be concerned about other people’s choices, only your own. Take joy in your own power!
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