Daily Inspiration 1-7-17

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“The value of a man 
should be seen in what he gives 
and not in what he is able to receive.” 

— Albert Einstein 

Some one paid me a high compliment yesterday stating that I didn’t realize the power of my influence and value to many. Often we may not see the value we provide, or recognize the effects on others, even at great distances, and even with people, we have never met. Yet we do. We all affect one another and even those way outside of our localized realm. It has been said that a butterfly flapping its wings in Boliva, has an effect in Nebraska.

This caused me to consider value and how we might think that we provide value, as in the idea of success, via our financial prowess, or how we created a start-up company that caused several to become million or billionaires. We might think that we are not providing value if we are not receiving personal rewards that we think recognize that or those values. And, though this may be true for some, it is a mistake to believe that this is a formula of our worth in providing value. Some painters died in poverty and were not well known for their efforts whose paintings now sell for millions of dollars. They provided value then without remuneration, and provide value maybe even hundreds of years later a plenty.

I believe that we all came here on purpose and with specific intentions with all manner of possibilities in how that would come to pass. Some call that the infinite field of potentiality. It gives us the flexibility to fulfill our intentions through almost unlimited avenues of personal choice.

If I asked you, why did you come here? What were your intentions?, you may or may not be able to answer that from your memory of your intentions, but I think you couldn’t help but answer it in how you live your life–especially in how you give in your life. Another good question would be to ask ourselves, what value do I provide in this world? We might even sit down and celebrate the many things we do, influences we provide and attitudes that we display that demonstrate our value.

I don’t just mean so-called positive value. There are all manner of things that are often called negative, and even evil to some that also provide value. Have you ever done something in your past that many would consider bad, or being a bad influence, only to find out years later how positive that negative act became via the influence? No, it isn’t about good or bad, it is only about influence and value. What value do I provide? What value have I provided? What kind of an influence am I? These questions can open the way to fulfillment and receive the confirmation of that provision quickly.

In my alignment with my inner Source, I cannot help but provide the best influence and value via that alignment. As I am not, I am still providing value, but it may take years to understand how. After all, it is our inner Source that is our guide when we seek that guidance by aligning with it. I think it is in our giving with our intention of providing value to others that is always in alignment within.

Celebrate Your Value On All The Levels That This Takes Place. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by feeling the joy that comes from your giving and your alignment within.

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