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“Affirmation without discipline
is the beginning of delusion.”

— Jim Rohn 

Yesterday, I shared one of the most important pieces of knowledge I have learned for positive change and deliberate creation is to tell a different story.

A popular way that some try to do that is through affirmations. I have sincerely tried this on several occasions. In fact I learned about affirmations way back in my mid-20s. Knowing what I know now, I have the knowledge of why that didn’t work. They were big changes and I didn’t believe, but merely wanted. Wanting is wonderful. It is life itself. We see things we don’t want and that causes us to learn and know what we do want and our life grows through a series of desires.

Here’s the key to making affirmations work: I have to feel good when I am saying it and I have to believe that it can happen and that it is merely a matter of time. Positive emotion must be behind them and the stronger that positive emotion whether it is passion, enthusiasm, eagerness, expectation, appreciation, and others like it, the faster and better it will work.

Affirmations is one way of telling a better or different story. I found one recently that I love from Jerry Hicks that says, “things are always working out for me!” I use it personally, and in my business: “things are always working out for us! We just keep growing, getting better, becoming more.” I use this as often as I feel that, and feeling it is the only way it really works.

Sometimes the steps are too big, meaning it is too large of a jump from being depressed to appreciation. Moving in steps works, trying to jump the canyon doesn’t. One way to tell a different and better story here is to just move to a better feeling place. Anger is a better feeling place from depression, overwhelment is a better feeling place than anger, and hopefulness is a better feeling place than frustration and so on. Soon enough we can move fully into appreciation.

One way to do this is to talk yourself through it. “I don’t have to figure all this out right now. Others have stood right where I am and have made it, and if others can do it, why not me? Each day is a new opportunity and I can find ways to feel better, and if I don’t, it’s no big deal because each day is a new opportunity, and soon I will feel better. My life isn’t so bad. It could be much worse. I know I can change and focus more on what I want. I’ve spent so long focusing on what is wrong or on mistakes I’ve made and I’m done with that. My life isn’t so bad. In fact, it is often very good and I know now that I want it to be very good more often, and so as I talk to myself about myself, I can see that I am more and I am better than my self-talk has been saying. I need to turn away from that kind of talk and deliberately say things that cause me to feel better and feel good and feel wonderful. I love the idea of being in joy. I love the idea of my own personal freedom. I love the idea of appreciating things and people around me. I love the idea of being my own counsel and paying attention to when I am not saying things to myself that I want to hear. I love the idea of creating deliberately and I love how this feels to just think about it and the more I think about it, the more the Law of Attraction helps me to think about it more by bringing more and better thoughts for me to ponder. That place I used to be is so far away now, I feel so different here. I love this place and I love these feelings. I wonder where they have been all my life, but that doesn’t matter, because I have found them now and they feel so darn good that I never ever want to leave them. I am in love, and I am in joy, and I am feeling good!

You should have felt what I was just feeling by writing that last long paragraph. This is another tool from Abraham-Hicks and it is called the Rampage of Appreciation where you do exactly as I have done, but in your own choices of words to move from this place to that place. If you’re depressed, it is maybe too much of a jump, but if you will move up the emotional scale a ways, then it will be magical in how this works and how it changes how you feel about yourself and your environment. And, that is what it is all about: finding ways to feel good.

I Am Loved. I Am Worthy. I Am Smart. I Am Loving. I Am Successful. I Am . . . 

Spread Some Joy Today–by loving yourself. Even if you tried to keep that to yourself, the joy will spill out to others, so you need not focus on them. Just love yourself and it will all work out. Things are always working out for you.

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