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“Why would anger at yourself 
be more valid 
than anger at someone else?” 

 — Alan Cohen 

This is an interesting quote. It jumped off the page at me when I saw it. How many times I have made peace with others and not myself. How many times have I beat myself up for making stupid decisions or used poor judgement? How many times have I felt bad about mistakes, wished I could have do-over, wished I would have thought it through. In fact, often when I might have been angry at someone else, I found myself even more angry at me for being so upset about them. Now, that makes no sense, and most anger doesn’t make much sense either.

Somehow we might think it is okay to be down on ourselves. Many have said that self-depreciation is a good thing. I have found otherwise. Everything is simply experience. If we can leave it that simple and admire it for what it is, we need no remorse or anger either one.

I’ve made some silly decisions and I still carry baggage from some of that, but I don’t fret about it as I used to. In fact, I think it is all just a big game. My father was killed when I was 13. His birthday is today, and he died now 50 years ago. That is amazing to consider for me. He would be 84 now, but the reason I bring that up at all is that life is short enough and some times it is shorter still, so worrying about anything is so nearly a waste of time and energy that it is hardly worth mentioning.

I’ve become a joy seeker. Even more than this, I have become a joy finder and a joy creator. I find and experience joy every single day without exception. I find things to appreciate all around me. I have changed the way I make judgments. I rarely make any now. Peace of mind is a powerful thing in my life and my anger with myself regardless of what I’ve done, or failed to do, is almost nil. Hallelujah!

It Is What It Is: Experience. 

Spread Some Joy Today–2, 4, 6, 8, what can you appreciate? Make a list!

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