Daily Inspiration 1-7-13

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“It’s not because things are difficult

that we don’t dare;

It’s because we don’t dare

that things are difficult.”

— Seneca

I think this quote is funny how true it is. There are a lot of things that I intend to do and because I don’t know how to do them, or I’m waiting for inspiration, I deal with procrastination often. I think I could safely say that I am a veritable expert on that subject. But, because the game needs to move forward, I can only hide behind procrastination for so long and then I have to face the difficulty by daring to act unknowingly.

Yes, I often act with little or no knowledge of how I’m going to do something, and in so doing, I somehow find the necessary skill to do that thing. It was so difficult all the time I was not willing to dare, or act, then, magically, by daring, the difficulty is severely lessened, and often it evaporates completely. I find that fascinating.

Set It Before You And Start Your Daring Adventure. It Is Amazing How Much Skill And Knowledge You Have.

Spread Some Joy Today–Do something for someone without them knowing where it came from. That is a special reward.

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