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“If we study the lives of great men and women carefully and unemotionally we find that, invariably, greatness was developed, tested and revealed through the darker periods of their lives. One of the largest tributaries of the river of greatness is always the stream of adversity.”

— Cavett Robert

“Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through. No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”

— Cinderella

Everyone has adversity in one way or another. There is plenty of it to go around. All you have to do is pick up any newspaper anywhere in the world, or listen to any news report on TV anywhere in the world, or listen to what many people talk about to each other, and it should then be clear to you that there is plenty of adversity to go around. What you will also find, if you step outside and look in, is that the vast majority of people “react” to these events or issues.

In my study of great people, the main difference is that they “respond” to adversity, they have learned that reacting is not helpful for what they are trying to achieve. There is a world of difference between reacting and responding–it’s like the difference between a pinball and a bullet. Thomas Edison tried 10,000 different things to create the electric light bulb and if he had reacted to each event, I dare say he would not have gotten past ten. It could only be responding that would allow him to go on so long.

The other thing that is very clear in studying these people is their absolute tenacity in achieving their dreams and goals. They are rather like ants. They find an obstacle, and go around, go over, do whatever it takes to get where they were going. That tenacity only comes from belief. They believe they will succeed and they do. They don’t let little things like bankruptcy, or impending doom (sound so ominous. . .) dissuade them from their target. That makes adversity seem like child’s play!

Is it possible to not only accept adversity as a given, and welcome adversity as a tool, but also to be thankful and grateful for adversity as a blessing? Well, follow that path and you will soon see a completely different life. Imagine what it might be like. Practice it. It’s becoming on you.

I’m Turning Mountains Into Molehills. . .

Spread Some Joy Today–Here’s a concept that is hard at first, but gets easier as you go and produces the most fantastic results: Anticipate adversity, embrace change, and believe right through it all.

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