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“Your physical reality is always the product 
of what you believe it can or will be.” 
— Bashar 

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[Classic post from 8-21-15]

As much as I’ve studied some of this, it still amazes me how I’ll read one more thing that expresses the same idea expressed differently enough that it gets through to me in a profound way. This is what I have found from Bashar. Here’s a bit of what has been exciting my brain and my life for a few days: “Grant yourselves permission and grant yourselves the right to create life as you desire it to be, for you have the ability to create it that way. . . As you think, as you feel, and as you believe, so you experience the creation of the physical reality around you–always! No exceptions. 

You always have a self-regulating mechanism to allow you to know what beliefs may be buried in your unconscious minds. The self-regulating mechanism that allows you to know precisely how to bring those beliefs to the surface of your conscious minds–so you can change them if you don’t like them and reinforce them if you do–is the experience of physical reality.

If you see that you are involved in situations you don’t prefer, then simply recognize that the only way it could be in your lives is for you to have the belief allowing it into your lives. Therefore, now that a situation has shown you what the belief is you have been operating on, you are free. You have the opportunity to say, “Aha! Now I have the definition of the belief that has created this; it has been buried within me. It has now come to the surface because here it is all around me. Therefore, if I don’t prefer it, I can understand what the definition was and I can thus change that definition to what I do prefer.” 

Then use 100% of the trust–the same trust used to create the negative scenarioto now know that once you have changed the definition to a positive definition, reality will reflect that definitional belief just as strongly as it reflected the other definitional belief which you did not prefer. You have your own self-guidance system, your own built-in guidance system.” 

I’ve read this kind of thing several times over the years, and it is interesting that only now does it make even more sense to me in a way that I can get hold of to take control instead of accepting in the way things are. The first step is to realize I am in charge of creating my own reality, however that happens to be. The second step is to be aware of how that is turning out and pay attention to how I feel about it. This will help me to understand that it is my beliefs that are causing this even though my beliefs may not be on the surface to see. Next, I look at the beliefs that I must have to cause this. There is always cause and effect, and we can look at the effect and that can lead us to the cause: the belief.

For example, what are my beliefs about my body, shape, and weight? If I believe that I eat this and I will gain weight, I will surely gain weight. What are my beliefs about money in this situation? If I believe I must work hard for money, this means the only way that money can come to me is through hard work. It is as we believe it to be and it is also that we are the ones who control our beliefs. They don’t control us. I learned it somewhere. I can change my mind about it. I can develop a new belief about that, and I can change the results by changing the cause and watching the effects change.

Granting ourselves permission and the right. We have the right. We are creators, yet so often I think we are unwilling to accept that role. We’ve learned that others are in control perhaps, and other limiting ideas. That can change as we grant ourselves permission and accept our right to our own creations.

I’m Not Blaming Others. I’m Taking Responsibility And Direction Of My Own Creations. 

Spread Some Joy Today–by allowing it to flow out of you.

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