Daily Inspiration 1-6-13

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“Have patience with all things,

But, first of all with yourself.”

— Saint Francis de Sales

My ability to have patience with people and things has risen dramatically in the last 6 years or so. I’ve grown in wisdom, as it should be, and in that wisdom, I find patience with others and processes that I didn’t have when I was younger. It was all about impatience then, and it was encouraged that way, don’t you know.

However, the place I am not so good at is allowing patience of myself; giving myself the slack that should go to any human being; allowing my emotions to play a part. They say that we are hardest on ourselves and I have been that.

I am making progress. I am aware. That is step one. Yet, when I saw this quote above, I knew I wasn’t quite there yet, so you can see that I need more work. I’m a work in progress!

Now I Work On Playing With It Instead Of Working On It. That Takes So Much Pressure Off, Don’t You Know.

Spread Some Joy Today–Life someone up. Totally out of the blue, just lift someone up. In the process that joy comes back to you!

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